What Is a Six-Pack Brain and Why Is It So Sexy?

admiring a sexy six-pack brain

When you read the words “six-pack brain” what comes to mind?

Probably that it’s some sort of mental equivalent to six-pack abs, but way less sexy of course. I mean, come on: a six-pack brain won’t make you look good in a bathing suit and isn’t worthy of selfies in the bathroom mirror, right?


But even though people won’t think you’re sexy for having a six-pack brain when they see you, they’ll definitely find you sexy once they know you.

Here’s why a six-pack brain is so sexy.

A Six-Pack Brain is Exponential

If you train your brain hard, you can double its strength, just like you can do with your muscles. But unlike with your muscles, you can double your brain’s strength again. And again and again.

This compounding growth is exponential.

A Six-Pack Brain is Flexible

Every link you add to the matrix of your six-pack brain opens the door for new and unexpected connections. So whereas a six-pack body is physically limited in its range of motion, a six-pack brain can take you anywhere.

A Six-Pack Brain is Athletic

There is no bodybuilding for a six-pack brain. Taking a bunch of supplements and doing a bunch of isolated exercises might get you a six-pack body, but it won’t do the same for your brain. A six-pack brain is that of an athlete who’s training for performance, not for appearance.

A Six-Pack Brain Is Anti-Fragile

Flabby minds and bodies will run away when challenged and crumble when attacked. A six-pack brain does the opposite. In the words of Nasim Talib, it is antifragile; it gets stronger with adversity.

A Six-Pack Brain is Youthful

Children are tirelessly active, curious, and unrestrained. Then, as we mature, it all slowly, and wistfully fades away. A six-pack brain is one that reverses this course and reclaims our youthful energy.

A Six-Pack Brain is Rare

Pressure is mounting for us to spend longer hours doing increasingly specialized jobs at work, and to be more distracted outside of it. It is much easier to abide by these pressures than fight against them, but that’s what six-pack brains do. And that’s why they are so rare.

A Six-Pack Brain is Valuable

At the same time as six-pack brains are becoming increasingly rare, demand for them is also skyrocketing. Technology is expanding at accelerating rates, meaning it’s not what you know that matters, but how quickly you can learn. That’s the specialty of a six-pack brain and what makes it incredibly valuable.

A Six-Pack Brain is Sexy

Come on, you know you want one now…

Do You Have A Six-Pack Brain?

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