An Opportunity To Become the Next Nike, Under Armour, or Lululemon

Do You See the Similarity?

Nike began as a brand for runners, tied itself to the emergence of jogging for fitness, and raced ahead to become the behemoth it is today.

Under Armour started off as apparel for beefy football players to wear under their pads, flexed its muscle by embracing the bodybuilding and protein supplement explosion, then grew into an all-purpose athletic brand.

Reebok rose from the ashes by getting itself boxed in with the CrossFit phenomenon and rising up along with it.

Lululemon stretched to amazing success by inextricably linking itself to the yoga’s emergence into the mainstream.

Do you see the trend?

Every Brand Needs a Pursuit (and Vice Versa)

Every apparel giant’s success has come by affiliating itself with an up-and-coming sport and growing along with it.

And every up-and-coming sport has grown in large part because it had an apparel brand that created a uniform to unite its community.

It’s a symbiotic relationship. The brands and sports need each other to thrive. This means that an up-and-coming apparel brand that can identify a uniform-less sport has a huge opportunity.

It just so happens that one such sport is ready for just that.

The Opportunity

The sport that has the potential to become the next jogging or yoga is natural movement training.

Natural movement training involves getting back outside, ditching all but the most basic equipment, and using our bodies the way they was designed to. It includes activities like calisthenics, gymnastics, and just throwing rocks on the beach. It’s the farm-to-table organic version of the gym: healthy, natural, and back to our roots.

Leaders like Ido Portal, Frank Medrano, and GMB Fitness have built up huge followings of passionate followers. Major influencers like Tim Ferriss are getting on board, as are pro athletes. And every city has it’s own grassroots community, such as Movimiento Original here in Vancouver.

The (grass-)roots are in place. Now all they need is an ambitious brand to bring them together with a uniform so they can become a global phenomenon.

Which company is going to seize the opportunity?

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