Introducing a New Way To Regain Control Of Your Time

Do You Remember?

Do you remember your family vacation from four years ago? Yes, but the precious little details have slipped your memory, like that time your four-year-old daughter put her bathing suit on backwards because she, “wanted to learn backstroke.”

The Account remembers though.

Do you remember how many hours you spent working on that consulting gig? No, and now you’re frustrated because your client’s boss has asked for the exact details before she pays you the fixed fee you agreed on.

The Account remembers though.

Do you remember the name of the company that the lady at the trade show recommended you contact for the best value on packaging for your product? No. You noted it down somewhere but can’t find it.

The Account remembers though.

The Account remembers everything.

Introducing: The Account

For people who value their time, treasure their memories, and understand that their past is a treasure trove of information that can lead them to a better future, but who are dissatisfied with their ability to keep track of it all, there is The Account.

The Account is the ultimate tool to keep account of your life and keep you accountable for the time you spend living it. Unlike a traditional journal, The Account combines your digital journal with all your other software such as your calendar, photos, and quantified self apps to create a comprehensive, minute-by-minute, activity-by-activity account of your life. It also uses that data to provide insightful and actionable analyses and summaries.

The Account tells your story. And it never forgets.

The Time is Now to Revolutionize How we Keep Track of Time

Now is the time for an innovative company to create The Account.

The self-help industry is exploding. We are spending billions of dollars on a variety of apps, devices, courses, coaches, and books as we attempt to stay a step ahead of the pack. We’re losing the race though, because of an overwhelming amount of increasingly sophisticated distractions designed to rob us of our time and attention. Time is flying by and we don’t know what’s happening to it.

The solution is in our pockets. We have just yet to put the pieces together.

They are found in the increasingly sophisticated mobile devices we all have in our pockets that are tracking more and more of what we’re doing in our lives:

  • Where we go and what mode of transit we’re using is tracked by our phones and watches
  • What we accomplish is checked off on our to do lists.
  • What we think is written in our digital journals and notepads
  • Who we meet is recorded on our social media and our digital calendars.
  • What we see is captured by photos and uploaded automatically and with unlimited storage to Google Photos

The Account brings this all together. It enables us to find everything in one place, and uses this incredibly rich data to help us discover amazing insights about our lives and habits.

the account screenshot
A crude example of a day logged on The Account.


The Account can be the revolutionary new tool to present us with our past in amazing new ways that nobody will ever forget. Which company is going to change our lives and make it for us?

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