How to Find Shortcuts in Life


Here’s a precise blueprint of my apartment building’s basement. If you are walking down the stairs and through Door C, which door would you choose to get to the bike room? A or B?


This is not a trick question.

The answer is obviously Door A. So why the hell do I always take Door B?

The answer will help you find shortcuts in life.

First, three important details:

  1. Door C is always closed but requires no key
  2. Door B is always open
  3. Door A is always closed and requires a key.

My problem is by the time I get down the stairs, through Door C, and am faced with the Door A or B decision I never have the Door A key ready. Instead of fishing it out, it’s easier and faster to take the open Door B and walk the long way.

But if I had the wherewithal to get the Door A key ready while walking down the stairs, I’d take Door A every time. I never think to do so until it’s too late, however, because Door C blocks my view

The kicker is that whenever I go the opposite way – from the bike room back to the stairs – I always take Door A. Nothing blocks my view of Door A from the bike room, so I always think to get the key ready in time.

The lesson: If you can see where you’re going in life you’ll get there faster. If not, you’ll be unprepared and will invariably take the longer route.

Keep your objectives in sight. 

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