Here’s to Shitmas, the Most Miserable Time of The Year

The Most Miserable Time Of the Year

“Most wonderful” by definition means more wonderful than the others. Not everything can be “most wonderful”. The majority is average. And there has to be a “most miserable” too. So if Christmas is “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, then “The Most Miserable Time of the Year” must exist too. Call it Shitmas. And embrace it. Here’s why.

What is Shitmas?

Shitmas is the opposite of Christmas:

  • Instead of indulging in copious amounts of delicious food and drink, abstain. No alcohol, no sweets, no stuffing. Even consider not eating at all and fast.
  • Instead of spending quality time reconnecting with loved ones, isolate yourself.  Disconnect completely and make yourself lonely.
  • Instead of taking a break from work, work incredibly hard.

You get the idea.

Just like Christmas crams mountains of merriness into a short period of time, intentionally cram everything that’s unpleasant into Shitmas and make it the most miserable time of the year.

Why Shitmas?

“‪The more voluntary suffering you build into your life, the less involuntary suffering will affect your life.” – Tim Ferriss

As I already pointed out, Shitmas is unavoidable. So instead of Shitmas happening to you, make Shitmas happen. Get yourself a Shitmas advent calendar and count down the days.

The advantage of a proactive Shitmas is that it allows you to mentally prepare for it. Instead of shocking you at an inopportune time, catching you unprepared, lasting longer, and being even more miserable than it needs to be, you can minimize the damage. It’ll still be horrible—by definition it has to be—but it’ll be less so.

And just maybe in some masochistic way you might even look forward to it.

Miserable Shitmas!

I’m planning my Shitmas for late September. That’s when summer comes to an end and I’m faced with the depressing thought of another unbearably long and dreary Canadian winter. It’s always a miserable time for me, so I might as well embrace the misery.

When’s your Shitamas going to be?

Whenever your most miserable time of the year may be, here’s to embracing it.  Miserable Shitmas to all!

Shitmas, the most miserable time of the year

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