Sean D’Souza: The Brain Audit to Tell You What’s Missing In Your Marketing

Sean D'Souza The Brain Audit to close the sale cartoon

Do You KNow What’s Missing From Your Marketing?

Are you frustrated because you haven’t had the success you’d hoped for in selling your product? You’re getting lots of awareness and leads and you know you have a great product, but inexplicably—and infuriatingly—people aren’t buying. If so, The Brain Audit, a book by Sean D’Souza just might help you discover the piece you’re missing.

Sean D-Who-za? Google him and you won’t find much. No big TED talks, no Wikipedia page, and no feature interviews. Sure, the Goodreads reviews for his book are good, but there are only 17 of them (probably written by his family). So why take this no-name’s advice on how to build a business when he can’t even build an empire for himself? You’re better off sticking to advice from the proven gurus, right?

You’re totally right to think so. I thought so too.

Then I heard him as a guest on a podcast. The insights he shared were interesting, so I tried out a few episodes of his podcast, The 3-Month Vacation. They turned out to be really good too—better than most of the stuff the famous gurus put out. And that’s what finally compelled me to go ahead and make the time commitment of reading his book.

It wasn’t much of a commitment. It took only a couple hours to read, since it is only 180 well-spaced pages, many of which are occupied by cartoons. Cartoons? Yeah, D’Souza was a professional cartoon artist before getting into business. The cartoons are a nice touch that add levity and help hammer home the concepts he teaches. And these concepts—they’re actually a system to use to audit your communication—helped me realize a couple things I was missing in my marketing. I’m glad I “committed” to reading the book.

Indeed, D’Souza is so sure you too will find The Brain Audit to be worthwhile that he offers a risk-free 100% refund guarantee. I bet you, like me, won’t return it though. The Kindle version’s super cheap too! What do you have to lose?

Wait A Second…

Isn’t Shortcuts to Awesome supposed to share ideas, not shamelessly sell books?

You’re right.

The above “pitch” is actually an example I created to show you the techniques D’Souza teaches in The Brain Audit.

The core concept of the book is that potential consumers are like travellers at a baggage carousel. Each customer is waiting for seven bags and won’t think of leaving until he or she has them all. These seven “bags” are the following (with examples from my “pitch”):

  1. The Problem (You’re not selling as much as you’d like)
  2. The Solution (The Brian Audit)
  3. The Target Profile (A single person to focus your message towards. I picked a friend of mine named James)
  4. The Objection (Sean D’Souza is not well known; His book has few reviews; Reading books is time-consuming)
  5. Testimonials (Me sharing my own experience that counters each of those objections)
  6. Risk Reversal (If you don’t enjoy the book, he’ll refund you no questions asked)
  7. Uniqueness (His book has cartoons)

If you cover these seven items in your marketing, you’ve given your customers all their “bags”. Instead of hesitating or waiting around for a missing piece, they will take action and buy. It’s simple, but surprisingly effective.

Dig Deeper Into The Brain Audit

If you’re intrigued and looking for that missing piece to fine tune your marketing, get his book, The Brain Audit. And if you’re still not sure, follow my route and first listen to his initial interview on the Foundr podcast, then try some episodes from his podcast, The Three Month Vacation.

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