Resist Temptation Like It’s Christmas

Distractions Are Christmas Gifts

Just like Christmas gifts, we find it difficult to resist temptation and not open our phones or computers to check our social media accounts, email, sports scores, and other distractions.

But just like Christmas gifts, we’ll enjoy distractions more if we resist temptation and wait for a special day (or time period) to open them all at once.

Don’t spoil your Christmas.

Christmas wouldn’t be special if you opened your presents immediately after they appeared under the tree. There’d be nothing to open on Christmas. It’d just be another day. And you’d never be fully satisfied on the days you do open presents. After opening a gift you’ll just want to open another.

The same goes for your emails, social media notifications, and other distractions. So don’t spoil it.

Reist Temptation, Build Anticipation

 The presents aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’re accumulating. So the longer you wait, the larger the reward.

And remember what your mom did if you didn’t have the self control to resist temptation and not open Christmas gifts prematurely? She hid them. So do the same with distractions: hide notifications.

If you could resist temptation to open your Christmas presents early as a little kid, you can do it now with social media, email, and all other interactive “gifts”. So resist temptation and give yourself something to look forward to.

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