Pico Iyer: Where the World’s Happiest People Go To Get Away

Meet the World’s Happiest Man

Matthieu Ricard is scientifically proven to be the happiest man in the world. When researchers measured brain patterns of multiple indicators proven to be correlated with happiness, his results were so beyond normal they literally had to extend the chart.

Ricard is a scientist, internationally bestselling author, accomplished photographer, and humanitarian. Incredibly, he accomplishes it all despite spending huge amounts of his time on getaways. Actually, it’s because of these travels that he is both so accomplished and so happy.

He’s not alone. Many of the world’s elite happy people travel to the same destination.

You can go there too.

The World’s Greatest Undiscovered Travel Destination

If you’re in desperate need to get away from it all, relax, and come back recharged with a better perspective, this destination is for you.

Surprisingly, it’s affordable to visit and you don’t need to reserve in advance. It’s also easy to get to and no travel visa, injections, or malaria pills are needed.

And, despite being so affordable and easy to get to, it’s exclusive. You’ll enjoy the amazing destination all to yourself.

So what is this place, the travel destination of the happiest people in the world?

Pico Iyer Go Nowhere

Go Nowhere

The exclusive travel destination of Matthieu Ricard and many of his fellow super-happy is Nowhere.

The directions to Nowhere are simple. As Pico Iyer explains in his book, “The Art of Stillness,” all you have to do is sit still and concentrate on clearing your head and calming your emotions.

Going nowhere, Iyer tells us his friend Leonard Cohen once told him, is “the grand adventure that makes sense of everywhere else.”

No Excuses

If you think you’re too busy to go Nowhere, consider a study Iyer shares in his book. Researchers reviewed time diaries covering the span of 30 years and found that Americans are actually working fewer hours than they did decades. Great right? Wrong, because they feel like they’re working more.

So if you feel too busy, understand that’s exactly the problem going Nowhere addresses. As Iyer writes, “Don’t just do something. Sit there.”

Don’t believe Iyer or these researchers? Then how about Gandhi? Upon waking up one day, he told his friend, “This is going to be a very busy day. I won’t be able to meditate for an hour.” His friend was stunned at this unexpected break from discipline. “I have to meditate for two,” he clarified.

No matter how busy you feel, it’s never an excuse for not going Nowhere.

Dig Deeper

If you’re interested in traveling to Nowhere, Pico Iyer’s travelogue, “The Art of Stillness” is a good place to start planning your trip(s). It is so short you can read it in one sitting, but will likely encourage you to take your first step in the direction of Nowhere.

Or, if you prefer, start with Pico’s Ted Talk on the Art Of Stillness:

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