It’s Time to Take Back Our Time

“Where Did All My Time Go?”

Ultra sophisticated time thieves are stealing our time, or tricking us into giving it to them, and leaving us asking ourselves, “Where did all my time go?”

As Tristan Harris puts it, they’ve turned our phones and computers into slot machines. We can’t stop playing. The only difference is instead of mindlessly dropping in coins, we’re giving them attention.

They’re making off like bandits because of it. By selling the time and attention they’re taking from us, companies like Facebook and Google, the two most notable time thieves, are soaring towards trillion dollar valuations.

And we’re suffering. A fifty-year long study of hundreds of thousands of days in the life of average people like you and me has discovered we feel busier than we did years ago, but we’re actually working fewer hours. It’s the time thieves’ fault.

It’s about time we turn back the clocks and take back our time.

Training Time

The time thieves are turning our brains flabby by addicting us to mental fast food. To hold them off we need to start hitting the brain gym and putting in the mental deep work to develop six-pack brains.

This starts with finding the formula to learning, getting into a routine to train our brains like we’re encouraged to do with our bodies, and putting our brains on a diet of healthy information.

Reading Time

“I spend so much time on the Internet…I feel like I’m a million pages into the worst book ever, and I’m never going to stop reading.”  – comedian Aziz Ansari

Put down that crappy book.

Instead, pick up and actual book and, just as we’re told to take 10,000 steps a day, sread 10,000 words a day too.

It doesn’t take much.

You’re probably reading 10,000 words already, but of that crappy “internet book”. If you exchange it for a book that resonates with you, you’ll have a hard time limiting yourself to just 10,000 words. Plus, the time thieves can’t target you when you’re reading a book.

A Great Time

When it’s time to relax and watch a movie, instead of letting the time thieves entice you towards what they want you to watch, let your decisions to be guided by people like you who share your same tastes and interests. That way you’ll discover awesome movies you wouldn’t otherwise hear about, save time choosing what to watch, and have an awesome time watching them.

Let’s Take Back Our Time

My goal with this site is to help move us from asking ourselves, “Where did my time go?” to saying, “What an awesome time!”

And, with that in mind… now is when I ask you to give me your email address to sign up for my newsletter about saving time finding awesome books and movies and training your brain.

Hypocritical, I know. I’m asking you not to give them your time, but to give it to me instead.

All I can say is I hope to make it worth your time. I’ll send you only one email a month and hopefully it will save or improve much more of your time than you will put into reading it.


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