How to Feel Above Average

Go to a popular beach in the summer time, see all the fit, tanned bodies, and you’ll feel ugly and fat.

Go to a nightclub, see free spirits everywhere meeting new people and dancing like the cast of Step Up and you’ll feel you’re a bad dancer and shy.

Go to a busy festival by yourself, walk around, see all the groups of friends and you’ll feel like a loner.

You’re wrong to feel that way in every one of these cases.

Your reality is distorted.

Mr. Universe competition
The guy on the left feels fat and scrawny.

The distortion is because you’re naturally focusing on to the top extremes: the fittest, most social, best dancing, biggest groups. Look around more closely and you’ll see there are tons of people just like you there. “Normal” people.

Then think of all the people who are not there at all. That’s WAY more people than those within your distorted visual reality. And the vast majority of them are doing even less active, less social, less seductive things than you. They’re alone staring at a screen at home. No matter what, you’re ahead of those people for being out and experiencing real life.

It’s human nature to compare yourself to others. It’s unavoidable. The key is to compare yourself to the right group, the true majority you don’t see. Then you’ll feel much better than average. 


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