How To Change Someone’s Mind With 1 Surprisingly Simple Question

How Could I Change Your Mind?

Before revealing how to change someone’s mind, think about what it would take for me to change your mind.

Say I wanted to convince you to eat insects. They’re nutritious, sustainable, and actually taste good. The problem is you’ve been trained since birth to think they’re icky. So what would it take for you to get over this culturally instilled idea? It’s all psychological.

What would you have to see to change your mind?

Take some time to think about your answer.

Then tell me.

And magically just like that you’ve given me a customized solution to how to change your mind. All I had to do was ask.

How to Change Someone’s Mind

Ask them!

Like Chris Voss recommends for winning a negotiation, ask the person whose mind you want to change an open ended question. Let them do the hard work of finding the answer. They know better than you anyways, so don’t waste your time trying to read their minds.

Ask them “What you have to see to change your mind?” and they’ll give you a customized solution for how to do so.


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