Don’t Get High. Go Up!

Where do you think the term “get high” comes from?

I’m no linguist but my guess is it’s from the feeling you get of escaping the world and seeing it from a new vantage point. It alludes to physically rising up above the world.

Unfortunately mentally getting high is more expensive, more risky, and more illegal than literally getting high. So why not do the real thing?

Tibetan monks, penthouse CEOs, and Greek gods just might be onto something…

glass floor
You’re encouraged to look down upon others.

Life is about perspective. Those who ignore trivialities to focus on the bigger picture live the happiest and most fulfilling lives. Well there’s no better way to do so than get high above the world and literally see the forest for the trees (or traffic for the cars).

It’s never been easier to get high. So do it.

Get high at least once a month.

Find the tallest building in your city and sneak onto the roof. Summit the highest mountain in your vicinity. Board a plane and glue your face to the window. Spend thirty minutes up there alone, separating yourself from the pettiness below. Then go back down and be your version of a Tibetan monk / CEO / Greek god.

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