The Irrefutable Case for Laser Facial Hair Removal

facial hair
This poor soul couldn’t face the burden… and lost his mind.

If you’re smart you’ll get laser facial hair removal.

Facial hair is costing you big time. There’s the cost of razors and shaving cream, the water wasted, the ingrown hairs and itchiness, and the eternal shame of poor facial hair decisions. But the biggest cost by far is the time.

You probably spend around fifteen minutes a week shaving or trimming. Over the course of your lifetime that adds up to almost nine hundred hours. That’s 110 workdays, close to half a year’s worth, of dealing with your face!

How much is half a year’s worth of work worth to you?

Or look at it another way. Imagine you developed a rare condition that made it impossible for you to grow facial hair. Would you sacrifice half a year to get it back? Don’t kid yourself. You’d be reveling in your new lease on baby-faced life and bragging incessantly to your prickly-mugged brethren.

Facial hair is a great burden imposed on man. But thanks to the wonders of laser technology we can finally free ourselves from it. Make the right call. Free your face.


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