How to Find Your Gift (and Know When You’re After the Wrong One)

Find Your Gift Charlamagne tha God Black Privilege

Good News and Bad News

When it comes to how to find your gift—or find your calling—radio personality Charlamagne tha God shares some good news and bad news with you in his book, Black Privilege:

The good news is that life is Christmas tree, and underneath it are lot of fantastic gifts.

The bad news is only one of those gifts is yours, your name’s not written on it, and you can’t open one that’s not yours.

The Wrong Gifts

We’re all born with unique abilities that, if developed with a growth mindset, enable us to be exceptional. Life provides many clues as to what those abilities are, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to find your gift. But it is.

The problem is that societal pressure from friends, family, and media trick us into wanting to open other people’s gifts. Everyone wants a basketball, a microphone, or an iPhone and nobody wants a calculator, a calendar, or a radio. We then try opening the wrong gifts for years, even decades, but we can’t. It’s because they’re not ours.

So how do you know if you’re opening the wrong gift?

By listening to de-motivational speakers.

Listen to De-Motivational Speakers to Find Your Gift

Charlamagne always wanted to be a rapper. Unfortunately for him, he sucked. No matter how hard he tried to unwrap the microphone, he wasn’t getting anywhere.

Lucky for him though, he met a de-motivational speaker named Dr. Evans who told him:

“Listen, Charlamagne, I know your dream is to be a famous rapper, but fuck that dream. You’re just not that good. You are however great at being a radio jock. It’s never going to happen for you as a rapper. You need to dead that dream.”

Charlamagne was smart enough to listen. He dropped the unwrapped mic everyone was fighting over and picked up a much less popular gift: a radio. The radio was his gift and he unwrapped it. The rest is history.

To find your gift, you can only hope to be lucky enough to come across a de-motivational speaker like Dr. Evans. If and when you do, you better be smart enough to listen. Though you won’t like dream-busting words they’re saying to you, as Charlamagne says, “Fuck you dreams (if they’re not yours).” To find your gift and unwrap it you’ve got to listen to de-motivational speakers.

Beware Fake De-Motivational Speakers

After Dr. Evans’ de-motivational speech, others came and tried de-motivating Charlamagne from radio too. He ignored them though, because he knew they were fake.

How did he know which de-motivational speakers to listen to?

It’s easier than you’d think: The difference between a fake de-motivational speaker and a real one is that a fake one gave up on their own gift a long time ago. Only listen to de-motivational speakers who have found their own gifts.

Be a De-Motivational Speaker Too

Charlamagne is now famous radio personality who’s particularly well-known for being a de-motivational speaker. No matter how famous the person is he’s talking to or harsh his words may be, Charlamagne will say them. He’s earned some enemies doing so, but he’s also helped many, like of T-Pain and Kanye West, find their way.

If you care about helping others find their own gifts as much as you do finding your own, you should follow Charlamagne’s lead and become a de-motivational speaker too.

We all need to be de-motivational speakers. If we’re all more honest with each other about whose gifts are whose, we’d open a lot more of those gifts under life’s Christmas tree.

Dig DeeperCharlamagne tha God Black Privilege cover

These concepts of finding your gift and de-motivational speaking make up one of eight principles for success that Charlamagne tha God covers in his book Black Privilege. More than just a motivational book, it’s an entertaining memoir of his climb from the dirt roads or rural South Carolina to become the host of The Breakfast Club, one of America’s top radio shows. Read the book and you’ll realize that behind Charlamagne’s famously big and dirty mouth, there’s a lot of wisdom. He might just help you find your gift.

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