There are no stupid questions. Only stupid people. But since you’re here, you’re not one of them.

How can FaveFinder help me if I’ve only shared my ratings for 5 movies?
It seems like FaveFinder is missing some movies. Is that so?
How can you say FaveFinder is a "discovery tool" if many of the movies it "discovers" for me are blockbusters?
Why is it when I click the “Show Me!” button, the table that appears has someone else’s name on it?
Why are you doing this?
How does FaveFinder make its recommendations?
If FaveFinder's so fantastic, why is it recommending me some movies I'm almost sure I won't like?
How do I use FaveFinder to pick a movie to watch together with my friend/partner?
Your F.A.Q. is incomplete. Can you actually answer my question?