Seth Godin: Bless Your Business, Start the Sneezing

Seth Godin Bless Your Business

Sneezers are the key spreading agents of an ideavirus.

– Seth Godin, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable

Bless Your Business

To bless your business with success you need to get sick.  You need to develop a potent ideavirus and start sneezing.

It Starts With One Sneeze

If your ideavirus is potent enough, every time you sneeze one or two people within range will “bless you.” Hopefully they’ll catch your ideavirus too and start sneezing themselves, infecting more people. And so spreads your ideavirus.

target Your Sneezes

Ideaviruses die when we try sneezing at the wrong people. No one will bless your business if they’re immune. We must seek out people who are receptive to our sneezes.

We should also avoid wasting effort infecting people who stay at home and only sneeze at their cats.  Instead, we must seek to spread our ideaviruses to people with strong sneezes who are surrounded by many others. This is especially true early on, when our ideaviruses aren’t strongly established.

Keep Sneezing

Even if we get lucky and start a chain reaction of sneezing, we can’t stop there if we want our ideaviruses to stick. Like any sickness, an ideavirus’ potency inside each individual fades with time. If they are not periodically re-infected, they will begin to sneeze less and less. Soon enough they’ll stop sneezing altogether.

Subsequent exposures don’t need to be as strong as the first sneeze, but they are vital to keeping our ideaviruses alive and spreading.

We also must continue evolving our ideaviruses. Hopefully as they spread they grow in potency. That way, eventually even previously immune people will catch on and start sneezing too. And everyone will bless your business.

Dig Deeper

If you like this concept of sneezing and are looking for more, check out Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow. Seth also shares a daily idea on his popluar newsletter, which you can sign up for on his website,

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