The Best Movies on Canadian Netflix, According to You!

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Digging Up the Best Movies

When I opened up Netflix today it “recommended” me The Expendables 3, Hotel Transylvania 2, and a host of Netflix Originals. Those are all movies I absolutely don’t want to see. Why do they make it so hard to find the best movies on Canadian Netflix?

Because Netflix doesn’t want the best for us; it wants the best for them. That’s why.

Forget that. Don’t give in and watch the junk on Netflix’s first page. Buried in the depths of Netflix are a lot of really good movies.

Let’s dig them up.

The People Have Spoken!

Instead of ranking the movies by IMDB ranking, the following list of the best movies on Canadian Netflix is made by consolidating the rankings of over 800 friends and movie fanatics who are on FaveFinder, the custom movie recommendations tool.

I suggest you sign up to FaveFinder to discover your own custom list of the best movies on Canadian Netflix. (Click here to get started.) But if you’re in too much of a rush or don’t trust me, here’s the overall list.

The Best Movies on Canadian Netflix

Here are the best movies on Canadian Netflix, as chosen by the people. The rankings show the number of people who have enjoyed each movie and the average rating.

Click on the title of any movie to open up the YouTube trailer in a new tab.

What Are Your Favorites?

While it’s helpful to see the average of what hundreds of other people think, that doesn’t mean you’ll share the same opinion. Better to see the average of what people like you think, right?

To discover a list of the best movies on Canadian Netflix, customized to your own preferences, and the best movies not on Netflix too, give FaveFinder a try.

All you have to do is provide a taste of what your tastes are by filling out this form. It lists 25 movies and asks which you’ve seen and how you’d rate the ones you’ve seen out of 5. It only takes a couple minutes.

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