The Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

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Don’t Settle For Second-Rate Entertainment

I used to make the mistake of only watching movies (or shows) that were available on Netflix. Unfortunately, the movies I most wanted to watch were  almost never there, so I settled on some second-rate alternative instead. What a waste of my precious time, right?

Then I had an epiphany:

Watching an awesome movie with mediocre picture quality is a much better use of time than watching a mediocre movie with high picture quality.

Once this dawned me, I started watching a lot less Netflix. Now, when I have time to watch a movie I pick the movie I most want to see using my personalized movie recommendations algorithm (see bottom of post), check if, by the grace all that is good in the world, it’s available on Netflix (great movie and great quality!), and, if not, I stream it on one of the sites listed below. This has allowed me to get the most out of my time and maximize my enjoyment.

If you too want to maximize the enjoyment of your free time (and like me are too poor/cheap to pay for the rental on iTunes), here are some of the best free movie streaming sites:

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

The Go-To: GoMovies

Previously known as 123movies, GoMovies’ name and domain seem to be in constant flux as it evades the pursuit of copyright authorities. What never changes, though, is the high-quality reliability of the streams on the site.

On GoMovies, you can watch just about any movie imaginable in as little as two clicks. Search for your movie, click play, and the most reliable stream will be automatically start playing. If for whatever reason it is not working or slow, you can select other servers listed below.

If GoMovies once again escapes to a different domain, check their Twitter feed (here) to find it (and please let me know so I can update this post).

gomovies is one of the best free movie streaming sites
On GoMovies, if one stream is slow or not working, look below to try another.

The Backup: Rainierland

If the movie you’re looking for can’t be found or is streaming too slowly on GoMovies, Rainierland is a more than worthy backup. The site’s design may not be as beautiful, and the search is a bit slow, but the streaming itself is fast and reliable.

To view a movie, perform the search, then click the play button on the video player. A box with a list of possible streams will then appear on the bottom right of the screen. Select one (go for the top,, option) and enjoy the show!

On Rainierland, pick your stream source on the bottom right. To go-to is the top one, for

Ol’ Faithful: Alluc

Alluc is the king of free online streaming. I’ve yet to visit the site and not find what I was looking for. The big downsides to Alluc, and the reasons it’s only my third option, are:

  1. Too many bad links. When you do a search, it’ll return hundreds of options, some of which don’t work.
  2. Too many pop-ups. Almost all the videos have annoying pop-ups that appear when you click the play button on the screen.

These downsides are outweighed by the upsides of limitless selection and reliability. You’re still way better off watching an awesome movie on Alluc than a mediocre one on Netflix.

Alluc has all the movies, but a bit too many pop-ups and broken links.

None of The Above working? Try

If none of the above links has the movie you’re looking for, head to There you’ll find a constantly updated ranking of the best free movies streaming sites. has a regularly-updated list of the best free movie streaming sites.

Did I Miss Your Favorite Free Movie Streaming Site?

If your favorite free movie streaming sites aren’t listed, please help us all out by letting me know in the comments or by email (click here) so I can update this post.

But Which Movies to Watch?

Knowing where to stream movies is one thing. Deciding which movie to stream is another, and even more important.

To discover awesome movies catered to your specific tastes, try FaveFinder! It’s a magical algorithm that compares your tastes to over 800 others to identify movies perfect for you. To give it a try, take just one minute to rate some movies on this Google Form.

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